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Osmica represents an ancient Karstic tradition, born during the Austro-Hungarian period. It is a unique formula: the Empire allowed peasants to open their homes to the public, offering typical products of their own production such as cured meats, eggs, cheeses and pickles. The etymology of the name derives from the Slovenian word “osem” which means “eight”, since eight consecutive days of opening were granted. The custom of displaying an ivy branch with a wooden arrow to indicate the nearest osmica has endured over the centuries. We opened our osmica in 2012 but it was actually a re-opening: at the beginning of the last century it was my great-great-grandfather who opened it first, under the Austro-Hungarian Empire. We open four times a year: once close to summer and three times between autumn and winter. To allow you to taste all our production consisting of bulk and bottled wines, cold cuts, local cheeses and a unique dessert: ricotta with our honey.

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*We are open from 6 to 15 january *

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